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About Us


 Ravers Entertainment Media:  Our Vision & Our Mission


Ravers Entertainment Media (R.E.M.) has been developed and formed to both share a passion for UK reggae music i.e. the genre of Lovers Rock which was born here in the UK. This is coupled with our aim as an Event Management Company that has been increasingly strengthened and enriched over the years to also share that passion with like-minded individuals in surroundings and settings that complement the standards we aim to provide.

Our vision is to provide an atmosphere of sophistication, in classy environments where both artist and listener can come together and share a musical experience like no other.

It is our aim to present this experience in a professional manner and to a highly polished standard.

As our organisation expands and grows, we will constantly be looking at ways to improve and be creative, thus maintain a sterling reputation that ensures the on-going patronage and attendance of those who wish to participate and feast on the music that is Lovers Rock accompanied with other styles of musical entertainment to make your experience one to remember.

Thus your feedback is a vital part of our development and such we invite you to comment, give constructive criticism or compliments where necessary.  We assure you that we will consider what you say carefully and where necessary, taking steps to ensure an even better event each time.

Are you looking for that special something to turn your event from great into a truly wonderful luxurious experience to be talked about for weeks and months to come?

Then Ravers Entertainment Media will be more than happy to lend a hand.

Venues, Sound System Hire, DJ's, Flyers & Tickets, Photography and Design & Decoration, if we can we will.....

We supply Voice Overs for radio adverts, we will provide you with a reliable, fast and efficent service with unbeatable prices.

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About Don Founder of  Ravers Entertainment Media 



This website was born from a passion for spreading the message of Love, entertaining people along with a lifelong relationship with music.

I have taken all of my sound system experiences and dissected the genre's and styles of music that I have played and entertained tens of thousands of listeners over the years, not only in the UK but internationally too.

Out of that I found a passion  for 'Lover's Rock', the only genre of reggae music created in the UK. Being that I was born in the UK and a part of the music fraternity from a very young age, through sound systems and currently a radio presenter on  www.uniqueradio.org for the past 15 years. I have witnessed the birth and growth of 'Lover's Rock' to this present date.

So, for all you  genuine lovers and newbies to 'Lover's Rock' I have decided to dedicate a large part of this site to providing you all with a deeper insight to a lot of the 'Artists', 'Musicians',  and 'Producers' who helped to make this genre possible, up close and personal the way 'Lover's Rock' intended it to be.


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