Kofi, one of the voices from the trio 'Brown Sugar' another 'QUEEN OF LOVER'S ROCK'


 Kofi's Bio





Kofi, whose African name means 'Friday's Child', is no stranger to the music business. Kofi was born in Lambeth South London the third youngest of six children, with her church of god up bringing and with the sound of everything from Ska, Reggae, Jazz and Soul emanating from the family home, Kofi's natural love of music was enhanced, and after a brief flirtation with acting during which she attended drama school, Kofi's urge to make music began to dominate.

From her humble beginnings in 'Brown Sugar', the trio enjoyed unprecedented success topping the U.K. reggae charts on three occasions. But even after the demise of 'Brown Sugar', Kofi refused to lay back and do nothing, thus started to plan a different direction - the direction of a solo artist.

This was to prove to be a correct move, for not only did the artist chart yet again with the most loved and treasured 'Brown Sugar' number's, but she also found that her own work was proving to be extremely popular and this led to her topping the charts a further five more times hitting the number one spot with:'Didn't I', 'Black Pride', 'Looking Over Love', 'I'm In Love With A Dreadlocks' (dread a who she love), 'I'm So Proud' (proud of mandela).

At that time the artist released three albums due to popular demand by her reggae audience all of which were No.1 hits. Kofi was asked on many occasions to cross over to the soul / RnB market as many producers suggested to the artist that she could sing anything and because of this she began to pen some of her own work directly aimed for that genre of music.


Unbeknown to the artist, she was being carefully watched by one of the biggest soul producers of the time. Jazzie B of the Soul II Soul phenomena had been approached by the giant legendary company Motown Records to set up a subsidiary label label. Funky Dreds of which he was to find and sign artists of the highest calibre in the UK. He wasted no time in contacting Kofi and the artist was signed to the new Mowton/Funky Dread

During her time with Mowton the artist was commissioned to work for a mammoth musical project put together by Disney/Buena Vista, The Mad About The Mouse project was a musical tribute to the company's many successful movies over the years as such they marked the occasion by featuring many top rated artists to each take a very famous song from one of their beloved movies and perform it in their own unique style. This included LL-Cool-J, Gypsie Kings, Michael Bolton and The Cars but to name a few.

Kofi could not believe that she would work amongst some of the most world famous artists and made her contribution to the project with her rendition of 'Kiss The Girl' from the Little Mermaid. The company, for her highly professional part in the film personally thanked the artist as their faith in her was well founded.

Kofi has enjoyed the experiment and challenge of working in other fields of music, the artist's talents are unstoppable and she is well known around the world for her contribution to the music industry. The artist is aware of the enormous impact she has made and will no doubt continue to contribute to the industry in whatever way she can. She feels that it is important to carry on and maintain the highest level and standards.


As long as she has a voice she will continue to make it be heard.

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